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"I have been training with Shelly since October 2020, and it has been the best decision I have made for myself in a long time!  I am seeing results that I have never attained in all the years I've gone to fitness centers.  Shelly customizes an exercise routine for me each month which I am able to do at home.  She makes sure I am performing the various exercises correctly and is always available to answer any questions or concerns I have.  I developed a shoulder problem last summer which physical therapy only made worse.  Shelly makes sure to include shoulder strengthening exercises in my routines, and I am seeing marked improvements in my shoulder now.

I participated in my first cleanse in early January.  By doing so, I learned to make healthier food choices and tried new food items that I like.  Shelly's cookbook has also given me easy new recipes to make.  I have also lost 6-7 pounds that I could never lose before; I attribute that to being more attuned to the amount of added sugar in food and being more mindful of what I am eating.  I have kept the lost pounds off since the cleanse and know that I am making better food choices.  My husband has benefited from watching what I do and eat as well - he has lost 5 pounds since early January!"

Sue Burkhard