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Posture and Mobility Assessment with Corrective Exercise Prescription

$300 -Full Assessment and Exercise design and prescription: Includes Posture, Movement and Mobility Assessment, which will identify any postural deviations or disfunction at a joint that could be causing pain or lead to injury.  After assessment specific overactive/shortened/tight and underactive/lengthened/weak muscles will be identified and a detailed exercise program will be put together to help correct any identified muscle imbalances and weaknesses.  (This includes initial assessment and personalized exercise program only, does not include exercise technique and demonstration....see below for options:)

  • Option A:  If you are a current client you have the option to have a few exercises introduced gradually week to week during your already scheduled training sessions or to use a training session to learn all the exercises at once.
  • Option B: If you are not a current client, an additional session or sessions will need to be purchased for you to learn correct technique and form for your new exercises.

$150 - Follow-up assessment recommended every 6 months

What is Corrective Exercise and why do I need it?

Corrective Exercise is a term used to describe the systematic process of identifying a neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction, developing a plan of action, and implementing an integrated corrective strategy.  It is a sophisticated and straightforward implementation of assessment and exercise program design processes.  This implementation requires knowledge and application of an integrated assessment process, corrective exercise program design and exercise technique.  This assessment process will help in determining which muscles need to be inhibited and lengthened and which muscles need to be activated and strengthened.  At its simplest form, Corrective Exercise is a sequence of targeted flexibility and strengthening exercises tailored to an individual's posture and movement quality.